Damaged Cavity Wall Insulation by the action of an Insured Peril

Damaged Cavity Wall Insulation is rarely dealt with properly, after the event of an insured peril taking place!
By not doing so, do you realise that you are voiding the 25 year Guarantee on the insulation and leaving yourself wide open to action?

There are huge implications for a building with retro fit cavity wall insulation that has been affected by the action of an insured peril.
The action of a peril will and does disturb the installation and in most cases is seems that the implications and damaged cause are not being taken into consideration, when assessing and repairing properties after an insured event.

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The Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee

Item 2 of the insulation guarantee should be of particular interest to insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and insurance repair professionals;
“The guarantee is not valid if the insulation has been altered or disturbed after the installation was completed.”

It’s for this reason the cavity wall insulation must be removed after the event of an insured peril taking place.

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