Specialist Cavity Clearance Solutions

Cavity Clearance Solution provide information, advice and solutions to remove damp, wet, wrongly installed  cavity wall insulation.

Has your home been affected by an Insured Peril; Flood, Fire, Storm, Escape of water, Impact or Theft and Malicious damage?

Think you have damaged, failed or wrongly installed Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall Insulation Clearance

Everyday increasing numbers of people are realising that damp, penetrating water and in some cases condensation issues at their home can be part of the after effects of having cavity wall insulation. Damp, penetrating water and condensation are some of the common issues caused by poorly and incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation or having cavity wall insulation installed in a property, when it simply is not suitable for the property!

Not to mention the affects Insured Perils have, such as; Flood, Fire, Storm, Escape of water, Impact and or Theft and Malicious damage have on the Cavity insulation.
The answer is to remove cavity wall insulation from your home and have a full cavity wall clearance.

Cavity Clearance Solutions provide a full range of services to meet the requirements of each case and free your home from the damaging effects of compromised and damaged cavity wall insulation.

We understand, dealing with failed cavity wall insulation and it's problems can be a daunting prospect for many people. Our service are designed to be simple, straight forward and flexible, to suit your individual needs and property. No, one job is quite the same. This is where our initial assessment, reporting and work planning, make for a reliable service.

We Provide Complete Solutions For Cavity Wall Clearance

Failed Cavity Wall Insulation Needing Extraction and Cavity Clearance

In this video you can see failed cavity wall insulation that needs cavity extraction and clearance. The Insulation is wet through!! This insulation needs to be removed as it is causing damp problems inside the house.

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